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Wrist Sizer Guide

If you are browsing our online store and have seen something you like but are unsure of your wrist size, then our handy sizer guide can help. Simply download the guide, and then follow the instructions below. We will be happy to provide any help you may need so please do get in touch with any questions you might have.


Print out this document at 100% size. Measure the line below to make sure the scale is accurate. Once you have ensured the scaling is accurate, cut out the band sizer above using a pair of scissors or a blade.

Make a slit in the sizer where shown, and wrap the band sizer around your wrist with the end of the band poking through the slit you’ve made. The sizer should fit comfortably around your wrist, adjust it if need be.

The letter number by the “Wrist Size” in the slit indicates the wrist size. When measuring your wrist be careful not to pull tightly as this will give an inaccurate size.

This is only meant as a rough guide and may not be an exact measure so if you do have any queries please get in touch before placing an order.